Low Price H05RN-F Cable for Sale

h05rn f cable for sale

Custom Service: Huadong Cable Group can customize welding cable and rubber cable according to your requirements. Please kindly send us your inquiry cable list and order quantity, our sales team will send our offer documents within 12 hours. Email: huadongrubbercable@163.com


h05rn f cable specifications
Conductor:Annealed class 5 flexible copper wire
Insulation: EPR(Ethylene Propylene Rubber)
Sheath: PCP(Polychioroprene)/EPR
Temperature Rating:-25°C to +60°C
Standard:IEC/VED/DIN/ASTM etc.
Packaging:Iron or Wooden Drum
Applications: Including handling equipment, mobile power supplies, work sites, stage and audio visual equipment, port areas and dams. Also for use in drainage and water treatment, cold environments and severe industrial environments.

High quality and cheap h05rn f cable

The flexible h05rn f cable is a kind of harmonized wire, which is suitable for medium duty under light mechanical stress. People usually use the cable as hand held lights and decorative lamps. We can apply the cable to gardening and workshop tools. And you can also find the h05rn f cable in households, kitchens and offices. Email: huadongrubbercable@163.com

Hot-sale h05rn f cable with the best price
Hot-sale h05rn f cable with the best price

Owing to the wide usage of h05rn f cable, the demand for the cable is very large. As one of professional h05rn f cable suppliers from China, Huadong provides large quantity ho5rn f cable for the world. Among of them, core size in 0.75mm and 1.0mm are the most popular asked by our customers. We can also customize the h05rn f cable as your requirements.  If you need to buy high quality and low price h05rn-f cable for your projects, just leave the specification you want. Our sales manager will send the related  h05rn f cable price list to you in 12 hours. We believe that our ho5rn-f cable price and quality will not let you down.

What is the feature of h05rn f cable?

The h05rn f cable is suitable for the electrical equipment and applications in 300V/500V voltage rating range. The conductor material of ho5rn f cable is bare copper wire. Generally speaking, the core size of the cable is smaller than the h07rn-f cable. The outside is rubber insulation and neoprene jacket. Email: huadongrubbercable@163.comlow price ho5rn f cable

From the construction of the cable, we can first get that the h05rn f cable has excellent flexibility. Because the jacket has oil resistance and flame resistance, you can use the superior h05rn f cable in complex environment. What’s more, the cable can withstand the temperature from -25°C to 60°C. So it can work normally under zero temperature. If you are interested in the excellent rubber cable, you can place your order. We promise to provide the high quality ho5rn f cable for every customer. And you can rest assured that we may guarantee to deliver on time.

What is the difference between h05rn f cable and h05rrf cable?

As we all know, the h05rn f cable and ho5rrf cable are both harmonized rubber cable. We can apply them in a voltage rating of 300V/500V. However, there are some difference between cable h05rr f and ho5rn f cable.

h05rrf cable and h05rn f cable

It is clear that the application environment of the two cable are not the same. The ho5rrf cable is more suitable for indoor. While you can apply the h05rn f cable to indoor and outdoor. That mainly because they have different material. The jacket material of ho5rrf cable is natural rubber. And the ho5rn f cable material is neoprene rubber, which has better resistance to heat and aging than cable h05rr f. So we can use the cable in the harsh outdoor environment. You can choose the cable according to your requirements. Because h05rn f cable price is not the same as ho5rrf cable price, you can contact us to get quotation.ho5vv f for sale

You may know that there is also ho5vv f cable in the market. This kind of cable has many difference with above two cable. From their names, we can get that the insulation and jacket material of h05rn f cable ho5rrf cable are flexible rubber. As for ho5vv f cable, its insulation and jacket both are PVC material. Owing to their name is very similar, you should notice when you are going to buy h05 series products. If you are interested in our ho5rrf cable, h05rn-f or h05vv-f cable, feel free to contact us.

How to produce high quality h05rn f cable ?

Huadong Cable Group is engaged in the manufacture, export and supply of a superior range of h05rn f cable. Our plant is founded in 1988. With the development of our company, we built a new factory in Jiaozuo, Henan. In our plant, there are advanced equipment to guarantee the ho5rn f cable producing. Email: huadongrubbercable@163.com

Huadong h05rn f cable factory
Huadong h05rn f cable factory

We have 25 production lines and 20 sets test machines. In order to provide top h05rn f cable, we choose the superior copper and rubber material. What’s more, we have a strict inspection to control the products quality. If you want to know more details about production process, you can leave your message so that we can send the video to your. If it is convenient, you can visit our factory. Email: huadongrubbercable@163.com

Every year, we manufacture large quantity h05rn f cable. And we have exported the cable to many countries and areas. Such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia,Oceania countries and etc.

China reliable h05rn f cable manufacturer
China reliable h05rn f cable manufacturer

Being one of leading ho5rn f cable manufacturers, Huadong sell the wire directly. So there is no third party for extra fee. That is to say, we can provide you low price h05rn f cable. In addition, if you need large quantity of ho5rn f cable, we can give you a discount price. Please leave your message and tell us the h05rn f cable specification and quantity you need. We will send the best h05rn f cable price as soon as possible.Email:huadongrubbercable@163.com

low price ho5rn f cable for sale
low price ho5rn f cable for sale

Why Choose Us?

Huadong Cable Group is a one of professional H05RN-F cable suppliers in China, mainly production and sales cable. With quality products and intimate services, we have been recognized by customers. We have established long-term relationship with many enterprises from all over the world. If you are looking for a reliable partner, welcome to Huadong. We promise to provide the best h05rnf cable price for you. Email: huadongrubbercable@163.com

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