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Huadong Cable Group is one of the biggest welding cable manufacturers in China. We have 30 years of production experience and 15 years export experience. In order to meet different requirements of our customers, Huadong has a wide range of welding cables for sale. So you can choose the suitable welding cable sizes and type according to your projects. Huadong manufactures superior welding cable in line with the international standard. If you are interested in our high products, you can leave your message. And we will send the welding cable price list to you as soon as possible.

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Being one of the leading welding cable suppliers, there are all kinds of sizes in Huadong Cable Group for you to choose from. Such as 1 awg welding cable, 2 awg welding cable, 4 awg welding cable, 2/0 awg welding cable and so on. In addition to welding cable, we also have superior rubber cable for sale. Our h05rn-f cable and h07rn-f cable are very famous in the world. What’s more, Huadong can also customize according to your requirement. We believe that our products and service will satisfy you. We sell welding cable directly, and there is no third party for differences. Therefore, you can get the best welding cable price in Huadong. If you are going to buy welding cable for your projects, Huadong will be your best choice. Email: sales@hdrubbercable.com

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In order to meet the needs of our customers, we provide lots of welding cables in different sizes. In addition, we have exported our excellent welding cable to England, France, America, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Mozambique, Togo, Yemen, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and other countries. So, if you want to buy welding cable for Indonesia, please leave the welding cable sizes and quantity. Then our sales team will supply best welding cable price as soon as possible.

What is the application of welding cable?

The welding cable is designed to transmit large currents from welding machines to welding tools. We can apply the flexible cable to different situation. Such as on assembly lines and conveyor systems, in machine tool and motor car manufacturing, ship building, for manually and automatically operated line and spot welding machines. What’s more, some welding cable manufacturers can also provide 16mm heavy duty welding cable for rough conditions. So the electric welding cable is very common in modern industrial projects. Because the demand for electric welding cable is very large, there are many welding cable manufacturers in the world. But from the welding cable price list, you can find that Huadong Cable Group has great advantage. Email: sales@hdrubbercable.com

16mm welding cable manufactuer in Malaysia Conductor:Flexible or Tinner Copper/Aluminum
Cores:Single Core
No.Cross-Section: 10mm2, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm2, 70mm2 and others
Insulation: PVC/Rubber/EPR
Sheath: Natural Rubber, Horoprene Rubber or other syntheitic rubber,
Standard: IEC60245, ASTM, VDE, DIN etc.
Color: Black, Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green or according to your requirements


1. Resistance to oil, solvents & chemicals
2. High resistance to cuts, tears & abrasion
3. Excellent ozone & weather resistant
4. Outstanding toughness and Durability

We are engaged in the manufacture, export and supply of a range of best welding cable. We have colored welding cable in various sizes for sale. If you want to buy welding cable, free free leave your message. We can give you the best welding cable price. Email: sales@hdrubbercable.com

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What is the characteristic of electric welding cable?

Owing to it’s good property, many people choose shielded welding cable for their projects. First of all, it has high flexibility and tensile strength. As you know, the direct welding cable requires constant bending and torsion. In fact, we may drag 35mm welding cable on the ground frequently. That means the welding cable needs to have good wear resistance and mechanical performance. So welding cable manufacturers choose multiple strands of fine copper wire as its conductor. As a professional welding cable supplier, HDC chooses superior raw material to produce welding wire. If you want to wholesale welding cable, you can come to Huadong. Email: sales@hdrubbercable.com

black and red welding cable for sale

Secondly, resistant to water, oil and environment. Sometimes, we need to use the heavy duty welding cable in a complex environment. Such as sun exposure, water, oil, acid-base liquid and so on. therefore, the electric welding cable need to be oil resistant wire and even sunlight resistant cable. You may find that there are orange welding cable in the mine. Therefore, waterproof performance of 1/0 welding cable is necessary. If you need to buy welding cable online, we can send you the welding cable price list. Being one of the welding cable manufacturers, Huadong produce the best welding cable in accordance with the IEC60245, ASTM, VDE, DIN and other standards. So, if you are looking for reliable welding cable suppliers, Huadong will be your best choice. There are all sizes welding cable for sale. Just feel free to leave your requirements.

How to select superior heavy duty welding cable?

As we all know, cable quality and safety directly affect the personal and property safety of consumers. So, when you are going to buy welding cable, you need to know how to select welding wire. There are a lot of welding cable suppliers in the world, and large quantity welding cable for sale. First of all, you need to see if there is a “CCC” certification mark. All of welding cable manufacturers must obtain the “CCC” certification of the China Electrical products Certification Committee. So, if the 70mm welding cable is qualified, there will be the “CCC” certification mark on the certificate or product. We offer high quality welding cable wholesale for customers all over the world. Just contact us to get the best welding cable price. Email: sales@hdrubbercable.com

low price H01 N2 -D 35mm2 welding cable

In addition, the package is also important. Generally speaking, all welding cable manufacturers who provide products in line with the national standard, pay great attention to product packaging. There are large quantity welding cable for sale in the electric market. In addition, we also sell sjoow and soow cable. On Huadong heavy duty welding cable package, there are clear printing, model specifications, factory name and complete factory site. What’s more, as one of welding cable manufacturers, we sell cables directly. So our welding cable price has a great advantage. And if you want wholesale welding cable to Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia, we can consider to give you discount welding cable price.

Where to find reliable welding cable manufacturers?

Even if there are many welding cable manufacturers all over the world, and all sizes welding cable for sale, it is difficult to decide where to buy the cable. Many customers think it is not easy to find a reliable welding cable supplier. However, if you are also looking for high quality welding wire, you can choose Huadong. We are a professional rubber cable manufacturer with twenty years of experience. What’s more, in our plant, there are red welding cable, green welding cable, blue welding cable, pink welding cable, and orange welding cable. If you don’t like them, we can also customize the welding wire according to your requirements. Just tell us about your need.  Email: sales@hdrubbercable.com

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What’s more, from welding cable price lists,you may find that its prices are not the same. Because we are welding cable manufacturers and sell it directly, our welding cable prices are cheaper than Indonesia. Therefore, if you want to buy discount welding cable, you can contact us. What’s more, we has established close cooperation with many companies in the world. Our Copper welding cable are very popular in Yemen, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore. So, if you want to get 35mm welding cable Thailand price, please send your inquiry. Email: sales@hdrubbercable.comPlease feel free to leave your requirement, We will reply you in 12 hours.

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