Low Price 1/0 Gauge Welding Cable

1/0 gauge welding cable manufacturer
1/0 gauge welding cable manufacturer


low price 0 awg welding cable
AWG Size: 1/0
Conductor Material: Bare Copper
Insulation Material: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber (EPDM)
Max. Voltage: 600v
Min. Temperature Rating: -50°C
Max. Temperature Rating: 105°C
Colour: Black, Red, Orange or according to your requirements

Custom Service: Huadong Cable Group can customize welding cable according to your requirements. Please kindly send us your inquiry cable list and order quantity, our sales team will send our offer documents within 12 hours.

High quality and cheap 1/0 gauge welding cable for sale

The 0 awg welding cable is a type of wire in accordance with the standard American Wire Gauge (AWG). We can also write as 1/0 awg welding cable. Huadong Cable Group is engaged in the manufacture, export and supply of superior 0 gauge welding cable. If you choose Huadong, you can get the best 1/0 welding cable price.Email: huadongrubbercable@163.com

cheap 1/0 gauge welding cable supplier
professional 1/0 gauge welding cable supplier

As it is a durable and flexible wire, we can apply the 0 gauge welding cable to building machinery, conveyors, shifts and cranes. You can find that these industries always need flexible rubber cable. What’s more, the 0 awg welding cable is suitable for dry, damp, wet and other complex environment. Are you interested in our high quality and low price 1/0 awg welding cable? Just leave your message, we will send you the specific 1/0 welding cable price list. Email: huadongrubbercable@163.com

wholesale cheap 1/0 welding cable from Huadong
wholesale cheap 1/0 welding cable from Huadong

What is the structure of 1/0 gauge welding cable?

Huadong is one of the leading 1/0 gauge welding cable manufacturers over 30 years of production experience. In order to make sure the 0 awg welding cable quality, we control each produce part strictly. Even if 0 awg welding cable structure is simple, we try our best to provide excellent products. In addition to the welding cable, we also have h07rn-f and soow cable for sale. If you want to get the best h07rn-f 3g6 cable price, just contact us.Email: huadongrubbercable@163.com

the best 1 0 welding cable for sale
the best 1 0 welding cable for sale

Generally Speaking, the 1/0 gauge welding cable consists of fine strands wire and durable insulating jacket. Why do we choose the stranded thin copper wire as the conductor? You know that the workers need to bend the wire and drag it on the ground. The high copper strand counts can give 0 awg welding cable more flexibility than other conductors. So, our 35mm welding cable and 1/0 awg welding cable are very popular.  We promise to give you the best 0 awg welding cable price. What’s more, we use the EPDM or Neoprene rubber as 1/0 gauge welding cable jacket. Because that can protect the cable against the harsh environments. Do you need this high performance wire? Just leave your message to get low price 0 gauge welding cable. Email: huadongrubbercable@163.com

China 1/0 awg welding cable manufacturer
China 1/0 awg welding cable manufacturer

What are the advantages of Huadong?

As one of 1/0 awg welding cable suppliers, Huadong Cable Group masters advanced technology and equipment. Therefore, we can provide high quality 0 gauge welding cable for our customers. In our plant, there are 20 sets production lines and 25 sets testing machines. In addition, we can also produce sjoow cable and pnct cable for you.  You know we sell 1/0 awg welding cable directly, that is to say you can buy 1/0 gauge welding cable at factory price. What’s more, if you need a lot of 1/0 gauge welding cable, you can get a discount price. Email: huadongrubbercable@163.com

1/0 gauge welding cable factory
1/0 gauge welding cable factory

Package & Delivery: 1/0 welding cable is packaged by iron or wooden drum or according to client’s requirement.

buy 0 awg welding cable from huadong

In the past, we have exported our 1/0 gauge welding cable to many countries. Such as: Russian, America, Yemen, Malaysia, Philippines, England, Singapore, Nigeria, South Africa and so on. Just feel free to send your inquiry and get the best 1 0 welding cable quotation. Email: huadongrubbercable@163.com

sell 0 gauge welding cablebuy 1 0 welding cable with low pricePlease feel free to leave your requirement, We will reply you in 12 hours.

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