Flexible Welding Cable 16mm 50mm Price List

how much is 16mm/50mm welding cable price per meter

Custom Service: Huadong Cable Group can customize welding cable and rubber cable according to your requirements. Please leave the welding cable size and quantity, our sales team will provide the best price for you as soon as possible. Email: sales@hdrubbercable.com

High quality and cheap 16mm welding cable for sale

Just like other welding cables, the 16mm welding cable is very flexible and durable. From 16mm2 welding cable samples and pictures, we can see that the conductor of the cable is bundles of wire. As a matter of fact, these are stranded bare annealed copper wires or tinned copper wires. It is the fine wire strands that give 16mm2 welding cable more flexibility and tensile strength. So, flexible welding cable 16mm has some property as other rubber cable. You know that the conductor materials are different, so 16mm welding cable prices are not the same. You can choose the suitable cable according to your requirements. Just leave your message,we will send the related 16mm welding cable price to you in 12 hours.Email: sales@hdrubbercable.com

flexible welding cable 16mm price list Conductor: Bare Copper Wire or Tinner Copper wire

Core: Single Core

Insulation: PVC/Natural Rubber/EPR

Section Area: 10mm/16mm/35mm/50mm and so on

Packaging: Iron or Wooden Drum

Colour: Black, Red, Orange or according to your requirements

Property: Ozone, Sunlight, Weather, Oil and Chemical Resistant

Its outside is insulate jacket. We choose EPDM or Neoprene rubber as the insulation to provide additional protection against the harsh environments and frequent trailing and bending. In addition to 16mm2 welding cable, we also have h07rn-f neoprene cable for sale. What’s more, our 10 mm welding cable, welding cable 35mm2, 50mm welding cable, 95mm welding cable are very popular in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand an other countries.  If you are also interested in how much flexible welding cable 16 sq mm per meter, please leave your message. We believe our 50mm welding cable price and quality will not let you down. Email: sales@hdrubbercable.com

rubber insulated welding cable 16mm for sale Rated voltage:300/300V, 300/500V, 450/750V

Conductor: tinner copper

Insulation: PVC/Natural Rubber/EPR

Section Area: 10mm/16mm/35mm/50mm and so on


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You should notice when purchasing 50mm welding cable

When you are going to buy 50mm welding cable, you may find there are a lot of 50mm welding cable suppliers. Which one is the reliable 16mm welding cable supplier? How to choose high quality 50mm welding cable ? Now, Huadong Cable Group will give you some purchase tips. Even if there are a lot of 50mm welding cable suppliers, it is not easy to find a reliable 50mm2 and 35mm welding cable manufacturer. Because some of them are just flexible welding cable 16mm dealers. You need to spend some time in comparing the 16mm and 50mm welding clabe price list.  Huadong Cable Group is one of the biggest 50mm welding cable suppliers in China. we have been engaged in 50sq mm welding cable manufacture and supply for 30 years.

welding cable 35mm2 at factory price

No matter you buy 16mm welding cable, 35mm welding cable, 50mm welding cable or other products, Huadong is able to deliver them on time. In addition, we also have cheap flexible h07rn-f 3g6 cable for sale. So we have a good reputation in the cable market. What’s more, you need to choose reasonable 50mm welding cable price. Just like when you buy 16mm welidng cable, you are supposed to compare the 16mm welidng cable prices provided by different suppliers. Only in this way, can you get the best 16mm welding cable quotation. From the 70mm welding cable price list, you can get that Huadong has a great advantage. If you are interested in our 50mm welding cable cost per meter, feel free to send your inquiry.

The best place to get reasonable 16 sq mm welding cable price

In fact,  there are lots of 450/750 welding cable 16sq mm in the market. On the one hand, you can purchase flexible welding cable 16 sq mm from local suppliers. But the 300AMP flexible 16mm welding cable price may be higher. And you can find 450/750v flexible copper 16 sq mm welding cable price in Malaysia is much more expensive than China. So, there are so many people buy 50sq mm welding cable from overseas manufacturers. Especially when you need lots of rubber cabtyre cable, you can get discount 400AMP flexible 16 sq mm copper welding cable price.

50mm welding cable factory
50mm welding cable factory

In addition, we have exported our cheap 16sq mm welding cable to many countries. So you can get our flexible 16mm2 welding cable price in Malaysia, Yemen, South Africa, Nigeria, Mozambique, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, Canada and so on.

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