Single Core, 2C, 3C, 4C, 5 Core Flexible Rubber Cable Price List

high quality rubber cable at factory price for sale
high quality rubber cable at factory price for sale

Custom Service: Huadong Cable Group can customize rubber cable according to your requirements. Please leave the cable specification and quantity you need, and we will send the factory price to you within 12 hours.

Quality and cheap rubber cable for sale

Rubber cable is widely used in various electrical equipment. Generally speaking, we apply flexible rubber cable to daily appliances, electric machinery, devices and appliances of the mobile power cord. You can use 3 core rubber cable in indoor or outdoor environment conditions. As a matter of fact, the structure of heavy duty rubber power cable is very simple. The rubber insulated wire conductor consists of multiple strands of fine copper wire. But these rubber cable sizes are different. There are single core, 2 core, 3 core, 4 core, 5 core and multi core flexible rubber cable you can choose. Its outside are rubber insulation and rubber sheath. If you are interested in 3 core h07rn-f cable price, just contact us. Email:

hot-sale rubber cable with the best price
hot-sale rubber cable with the best price

Because of its superior performance and wide application, the demand for rubber power cable is very large. So you can find a lot of rubber insulated flexible cable suppliers in the world. Huadong Cable Group is a professional rubber cable manufacturer from China. We can provide all rubber cable sizes for you. If you are looking for 3x50mm rubber insulated flexible cable price, please leave your message. We will send our competitive 3 core rubber cable price list to you as soon as possible. Email:

wholesale cheap rubber insulated flexible cable
wholesale cheap rubber insulated flexible cable

What types of flexible rubber cable do you need?

In order to meet different requirements of our customers, Huadong provides many kinds of rubber cable wire. For example, marine cable is a famous rubber insulated wire. According to the external mechanical force of flexible cable, we divide it into three categories: light, medium and heavy duty rubber power cable.  Generally speaking, the light duty rubber mains cable is used in daily appliances and small electric equipment. For example, NSSHOU cable is a popular flexible cable.  While we apply the medium butyl rubber cable to industrial and agricultural electrification. As for high duty tough rubber cables, we use them for port machinery, searchlights, large hydraulic drainage and irrigation stations. What kind of rubber jacket cable do you want to buy? What about the rubber cable size do you need? We can also customize rubber insulated flexible cable size as your projects requirements.

get price for submersible oil pump cable Philippines

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how much 3C*1mm2+3C*0.5mm2 H07RN-F Rubber Flexible Cable

16mm rubber sheath welding cable price Indonesia

What is the flexible rubber insulated wire characteristic?

There is no doubt that the elasticity of rubber cable is great. So you can find different flexible rubber insulated wire in our daily life and industrial projects. Because this 3 core flexible cable has many good performance. Firstly, rubber cable has good wear resistance and mechanical performance. For example, when we use the welding cable, especially in outdoor projects, we need to drag it on the ground frequently. That means the rubber jacket cable has better wear resistance.What’s more, it also need enough mechanical strength to withstand external forces.

In addition, these 3 core heavy duty cable has superior waterproof property. Sometimes, we need to use the rubber cable in mineral mining project. You know there is much water, so these place is very wet. Then you can use this submersible water pump cable. If you need water resistant wire price Philippines, feel free to contact us Email:

High quality oil resistant wire with the best price
High quality oil resistant wire with the best price

In addition,  excellent oil and weather resistance are also 3 core rubber cable characteristics. For outdoor or oil contact, the rubber rised cable may expose to the open air, so we need to choose sunlight resistant cable. This characteristic allows the texoprene cable can adapt to high temperature environment and cold area. In order to make sure the trs rubber cable work normally even in the places where oil contamination is needed, the oil resistance become very important. If you want to buy the excellent oil resistance rubber wire for your projects, you can leave the size and quantity. So that we can send you the oil resistance rubber cable price list.

How to produce high quality rubber insulated flexible cable?

As a professional rubber jacket cable manufacturer, Huadong provides large quantity advanced products for the customers all over the world. For example, our  3 *25mm rubber cable in Vietnam is very famous. In addition, our flexible rubberised cable has a good reputation among our customers. In order to supply advanced rubber insulated flexible cable, Huadong strictly control every production process to make sure the oil resistant wire property.Email:

all type flexible rubber cable for sale

Before production, we always test the raw materials. We know that the raw materials quality has a great influence on flexible aluminum welding cable property. In the process of testing, we will check the copper wire and rubber. However, if there is unqualified raw material, we will remove it. Only in this way, can we achieve the 0.6/1kv 4x35mm rubber cable to Indonesia is qualified. So that sunlight resistant cable and oil resistant wire can meet the requirements. If you want to know more about rubber cable size and price, you can contact us.Email:

Where to buy oil resistant rubber cable with the best price?

When you look for oil resistant rubber wire for your projects, you can find a lot of suppliers. Sometimes, it is not easy to determine where to buy 3 core 35mm rubber jacket cable.  Generally speaking, 4x35mm rubber cable quality and price are main factors. If you compare some reeling cable suppliers in Vietnam or Indonesia, you may find that Huadong will be your best choice. Being one of the biggest rubber power cable manufacturers in China,  we have rich experience in produce oil resistant rubber wire.  If you want to buy high quality rubber mains cable, please leave your message. We promise to give the best flexible 4x35mm2 0.6/1kv rubber insulated flexible cable price. Email:

get best flexible rubber cable price from manufacturer

In fact, the flexible 35mm rubber cable price in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Nigeria, Philippines are not the same. But you can find our NSSHOU price is very reasonable according to the rubber cable price list. You know we sell the water resistant wire directly.  That is to say, you can buy tough rubber cable with the factory price. what’s more, if you need large quantity this oil resistant wire, we can give you a discount price. We have exported our low price 3 x 35mm rubber mains cable to many countries. Please tell us the rubber cable sizes you need. We will send the oil resistant rubber wire price to you as soon as possible. Email:

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