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2 awg welding cable is suitable for the industry application that requires frequent tensile and torsional stress. You can choose 2 gauge welding cable for building machinery, conveyors, shifts and cranes. From the cable structure, you can get that it usually consists of stranded bundles of copper or aluminum wire and insulated jacket. The robust construction gives 2 gauge welding wire more flexibility and durability. That makes the rubber cables resistance to both cold and heat, as well as to flames. So you can install the 2 awg welding wire in dry, damp and other complex environments. Email:

400AMP flexible 2 gauge welding cable price in Indonesia Conductor Material: Bare Copper

Conductor Strand: 625/30

Insulation Material: EPDM/EPR

Voltage: 600v

Min. Temperature Rating: -50°C

Max. Temperature Rating: 105°C

Colour: Black, Red, or according to your requirements

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Because of the superior performance, there are large demands for 2 awg welding cable in the world. As one of the professional 2 gauge welding cable manufacturers, Huadong Cable Group has large quantity excellent 2 awg welding cable for sale. What’s more, we can also provide 2/0 welding cable for you. If you are interested in 2 awg welding wire, we can send 2 gauge welding cable price. We believe that our #2 awg welding cable price and quality will not let you down.

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Being one of the leading 2 gauge welding wire suppliers, Huadong Cable Group has over 30 years of production experience. We engaged in the manufacture, export and supply of large quantity 2 awg welding cable for home and abroad. In addition, we can also provide the best seoow, sjoow and soow cable price for you. Huadong produces the flexible rubber cable in strict accordance with the national requirements. And our 2 gauge welding cable has been recognized by the world. If you are interested in the production process, you can contact us. What’s more, if it is convenient, you can visit our 2 gauge welding cable factory. Email:

2 awg welding cable manufacturer

How to produce high quality #2 welding cable?

Huadong masters advantage technology and equipment to produce 2 awg welding cable. We choose high quality copper and aluminum material to produce #2 welding cable. In order to guarantee the welding cable property, we use the EPDM or Neoprene rubber as #2 welding cable insulated jacket. Because it is more flexible than PVC or other rubber coatings. In addition, there are many workers with rich experience and testing machines. We try our best to provide excellent # 2 awg welding wire for our customers all over the world. Besides, we have exported our cheap #2 awg welding cable to England, France, America, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Mozambique, Togo, Yemen, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and other countries. Email:

affordable 2 awg welding cable cost

What’s more, we sell 2 gauge welding cable directly to our customers. So there is no third party for differences. That’s to say, Huadong can give you the best 2 awg welding cable quotation. However, it is clear that 2 gauge welding cable price are not the same. For example, # 2 awg welding cable price in Indonesia is different from 2 gauge welding cable price in Vietnam. But if you want to buy 2 gauge welding wire with reasonable price, Huadong is your best choice. In addition, we can also supply other sizes welding cable. Such as 16mm welding cable, 35mm welding cable, 70mm welding cable and so on. when you order large quantities of 2 gauge welding cable, you can get the discount price.  Just send your inquiry, we will send the best 2 awg welding cable price to you as soon as possible.

How to transport your 2 gauge welding wire?

When we transport the 2 gauge welding wire, we need to pay attention to the maintenance of each part. So that we can avoid the damage to cable before using. First of all, we will inspect the wire before transportation. Just as the cabtyre cable should be intact.  It is also necessary to fix the inner and outer ends of 2 gauge welding cable tray. So we can protect it from shocking and loosening in the course of transportation. When you unload the cable tray, it is strictly forbidden to push the # 2 gauge welding cable tray directly off the truck. Because it not only damage the cable tray, but also cause mechanical damage to 2 gauge welding wire. So, when you buy 1 awg welding cable or 2 awg welding cable, you have to consider many aspects.Email:

China reliable 2 gauge welding wire supplier
China reliable 2 gauge welding wire supplier

In addition to care about the 2 awg welding cable price and quality, you should also pay attention to details such as delivery time. Because the time of delivering welding cable to Indonesia will be shorter than Brazil. Besides, if you need to know the cost of 2 gauge welding cable to Vietnam or Indonesia, just leave your message.

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