16sq mm 35sq mm 50sq mm 70sq mm 95sq mm Copper Welding Cable & Aluminum Welding Cable Price

choose suitable copper welding cable sizes

There are different size aluminum and copper welding cable for sale. So you can get 16 sq mm copper welding cable price and 95 sq mm aluminum welding cable price from our company. What’s more, we can also customize the welding cable size as your requirement.  So just leave the aluminum welding cable size and quantity you need, our manager will send 5o sq mm welding cable price to you.

Quality and low price copper welding cable for sale

The welding cable is a very common cable in our daily life and industrial production. Generally speaking, we use the copper welding cable or aluminium cable to transfer high currents from the welding machine to the welding tool. Because of the great demand for the welding cable, there are many copper welding cable manufacturers in the world. Huadong is a very famous welding cable and rubber cable supplier. In addition, from the copper welding cable price lists, you can find that Huadong has great advantage.  So, if your projects need 25mm sq mm copper welding cables, just contact us. We believe that our 35 sq mm copper welding cable quality and price will satisfy you. What’s more, we have excellent 70 sq mm aluminum welding cable for sale. Thus you can feel free to send your aluminum rubber insulated welding cable sizes, and we will supply quotation for you.

400AMP flexible copper welding cable 70mm2 price Conductor:Bare Copper Wire or Tinner Copper wire


Cores:Single Core

Standard:IEC60245,ASTM,VDE,DIN etc

No.Cross-Section: 16mm2, 25mm2, 35mm2, 50mm2, 70mm2

Color: Black,Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and so on.

Send your inquiry by Email:  sales@hdrubbercable.com

The difference between aluminum welding cable price and copper welding cable price

As we all know, the aluminum is very light, which means that the transportation costs of aluminium welding cable will be lower. What’s more, aluminum wire has anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance performance. If you choose us, Huadong Cable Group can provide excellent aluminium welding cable for you. What’s more, aluminum is much cheaper, so the 16sq mm aluminum is cheaper than 16mm2 copper welding cable price. Besides, when you compare aluminum welding cable price list, you may find that their prices are not the same in many countries. What’s more,  you can find rubber insulated aluminum welding cable price in Indonesia is expensive than China. So you can purchase cheap 35mm2 aluminum welding cable Huadong. Email: sales@hdrubbercable.com

10sq mm aluminum welding cable price in Thailand and Singapore Voltage: YZ model is 300/500V, YC model is 450/750V

Conductor: Aluminum

Insulation: PVC/Natural Rubber/EPR

Sheath: Rubber Material

Property: Ozone, Sunlight, Weather, Oil and Chemical Resistant

Send your inquiry by Email:  sales@hdrubbercable.com

Where to find reliable aluminum &copper welding cable suppliers?

Huadong Cable Group is one of the biggest aluminum and copper welding cable manufacturers. In order to supply high quality flexible cabtyre cable, we produce 95 sq mm copper welding cable according to international standards. So you can rest assured to purchase 35 sq mm aluminum welding cable. What’s more, from welding cable price lists, you can get that the 10mm2 copper welding cable prices in South Africa are different from 16mm2 welding cable cost in Malaysia.  So, before you purchase aluminum welding cable 35mm2, you need to compare alumium welding cable prices.

buy 25sq mm copper welding cable from professional manufacturers

What’s more, as a professional rubber sheath welding cable supplier, we can also produce other cables. For example, we have exported our marine cable to many countries. So, you can contact us to get 2.5mm marine cable price. In addition, if you are looking for the following cables, just leave your message.

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