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Generally speaking, the submersible power cable are designed for connections in water at varying depths. What’s more, the submersible water pump cable need work under differing degrees of pressure. Because different project needs depths are different, the submersible cable sizes are not the same. Then compare the submersible pump cable price Philippines is necessary. So, you need to consider the cable for submersible pump size and depth when you purchase submersible pump wire from rubber suppliers Philippines. Therefore, it is very important to find professional submersible pump cable suppliers. What’s more, their submersible pump cable prices not the same. On the one hand, the 3 core 2.5mm submersible pump cable price is different with 4×95 submersible pump wire price.

get submersible pump cable price from suppliers

Flat Submersible Pump Cable

Voltage: 0.6/1KV, 3.6/6KV, 6/10KV, 8.7/15KV

Conductor: Stranded copper wire

Insulation: Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR)/Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR)

Sheath:  Chlorinated Polyethylene Rubber

Color: Black, Red, Yellow, Green or according to your requirement

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On the other hand,the submersible pump cable price from different suppliers and countries are not the same. For example, submersible pump cable suppliers in the philippines can provide flat 3 core 2.5mm submersible cable price. The submersible cable manufacturer in Malaysia can also supply 12 awg cable submersible pump price. However, their submersible pump cable price per meter may not fit your plan. If you want to get best 3 phase submersible pump cable price, just contact us. We are a professional flat 3 core submersible wire supplier. You can get best submersible cable price list from our company.

quotation for 3 core waterproof submersible cable wire

Round Submersible Pump Cable

Cores: 1,2,3,4,5, multi-core

Conductor: Stranded Copper Conductor of Class 5/6 (Flexible)

Insulation: Oil & water resistant thermoplastic rubber

Sheath:  heavy duty thermoplastic rubber

Temperature range :-40°C to 90° C

Send your inquiry by E-mail:  sales@hdrubbercable.com

In addition, we can also supply flexible welding cable and other rubber cables. If you want to purchase popular 16mm welding cable, just contact us. What’s more, our marine cable has been exported to many countries and area. So just leave the marine cable size and quantity you need, our manager will provide best price for you.

The features of submersible pump cable

As a matter of fact, when you are going to purchase submersible cable wire, you need to learn about submersible power cable property. As we all know, the power cable for submersible pump is a major transmission cable for carrying electric power below the surface of the water. So the submersible cable wire has excellent electrical properties. What’s more, the welding cable and submersible pump power cable may be applied in heavy duty application like sewage, slurry and pumps. Therefore submersible cable wire should be able to with stand abrasion. When you search for submersible pump supplier in manila, you can find different size wire for submersible pump in their factory.

12 awg submersible pump cable price Philippines manila

However, you need to make sure their submersible water pump cable is resistant to oils, chemicals, ozone & solvents. So, in addition to submersible pump cable price, you need also consider the electric submersible pump cable performance. Besides, the submersible cable wire is also suitable for use within the well casing to supply power to the submersible pump. So cable for submersible pump needs extra mechanical protection and flexibility during installation and operation. In order to buy best submersible power cable, you can contact with submersible pump cable suppliers in Philippines. And you can also cooperate with submersible pump cable suppliers in Malaysia. You even can get submersible cable price in South Africa. But please remember,the submersible pump cable price and quality both are necessary factors that you should consider. Email: sales@hdrubbercable.com

oil submersible pump cable price list

The submersible pump wire construction

In order to meet the requirement of different project, we have round cable submersible pump and flat 3 core submersible cable wire for sale. Generally speaking, submersible power cable conductor is finely stranded bare copper. So that the submersible water pump cable can be flexible and has good conductivity. However, the submersible pump cable suppliers in the Philippines can also produce as your requirement. Besides, you can leave the submersible cable sizes, we will send 4×95 submersible pump cable price to you. What’s more, the 3c x 2.5mm submersible pump wire insulation is oil & water resistant thermoplastic rubber.

purchase cheap water submersible pump cable wire from Philippines supplier

As for the 3 phase submersible pump cable sheath, we use heavy duty thermoplastic rubber material. So that the cable submersible pump is suitable for harsh environments. Our company cooperates with submersible pump cable supplier in manila. As a submersible cable manufacturer, we have export our submersible cable wire to many countries. Therefore,we can supply flat 3 core submersible pump wire price list.

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