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Where to buy 70mm welding cable with the best price?

There is no doubt that the welding cable has a wide application in our life and production activities. In order to meet the large demands for the wire, Huadong Cable Group supplies a lot of welding cable sizes for the world. Among of them, 450/750v flexible 70mm welding cable is a very popular specification asked by our customers. On the one hand, Huadong manufactures 70mm2 welding cable according to international standards. So you can rest assured about our welding cable 70mm2 quality. On the other hand, Huadong sells 70mm2 welding cable directly, and there is no any third party for extra fee. That’s to say, we can give you the best 70mm2 welding cable price. Email:

400AMP flexible welding cable 70mm2 price Rated voltage:300/300V, 300/500V, 450/750V

Conductor: Bare Copper Wire or Tinner Copper wire

Insulation: PVC/Natural Rubber/EPR

Section Area: 70mm2

Min. Temperature Rating: -50°C

Max. Temperature Rating: 105°C


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When you want to find reliable 70sq mm welding cable suppliers for your project, Huadong Cable Group will be your best choice. If you are interested in our cheap rubber cable, just leave the specification you need. We will send the related price lists to you in 12 hours.

What are the features of welding cable 70mm2?

Just like other welding wire, the conductor of 400amp flexible 70mm welding cable is stranded fine copper wire. That provides good conductivity and superior flexibility for 450/750v rubber welding cable 70 sq mm. Being a reliable 70mm2 welding cable manufacturer, we choose rubber as the insulation and sheath material. So this kind of cabtyre cable has excellent wear resistance. Because we use 70 sq mm welding cable, especially in outdoor projects, we need to drag it on the ground frequently. And this rubber insulated 70mm2 welding cable also has enough flexibility and mechanical strength to withstand twist and external forces. Email:

flexible welding cable 16mm2 price list Conductor: Bare Copper Wire or Tinner Copper wire

Insulation: PVC/Natural Rubber/EPR

Section Area: 10mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm,50mm, 70mm, 95mm and so on

Packaging: Iron or Wooden Drum

Colour: Black, Red, Orange or according to your requirements

Property: Ozone, Sunlight, Weather, Oil and Chemical Resistant

In addition, we have 16mm welding cable for sale. They all have superior resistance to oil, solvents, and weather. That means you can apply the welding cable 70mm2 in complex industry environment. Do you want the excellent welding cable? Just contact us and buy high quality and low price 70mm welding cable.

How to install your 70mm sq welding cable correctly?

If you want to complete your industry projects successfully, just buying superior 70mm sq welding cable is not enough. As a matter of fact, the 70sq mm welding cable installation has an great influence on the operation of the machine. In order to install the 70mm and 35mm welding cable, you may need to pay attention to the following tips.  As one of professional flexible 70mm2 welding cable suppliers, we remind you to check the external insulation packaging of the wire. Therefore, before you buy this cable, you should notice flexible welding cable 70mm price and quantity. However, after you buy 400amp flexible welding cable 70sq mm, you should pay attention to the joint, because it is the most vulnerable part of the cable. Email:

how much is flexible 70sq mm welding cable price per meter in Vietnam and Thailand Conductor: Class 5 plain or tinned copper

Insulation:Rubber compound or PCP

Colour: Black, Red, Orange or according to your requirements

Temperature: -15~70°C

Property: Ozone, Sunlight, Weather, Oil and Chemical Resistant

Application: used for connecting the electrode to the welding machine

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Find reliable 70mm sq welding cable supplier

Huadong uses the high quality material to produce 70mm welding cable. We have exported our low price 70mm welding cable to more than 30 countries. So you can get 400amp flexible welding cable 70sq mm2 price in Yemen, Malaysia, Philippines, England, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa and so on. As a professional 70sq mm welding cable manufacturer, we can also supply other cables.

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