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Generally speaking, the 2PNCT-R cable is a kind of popular rubber cable. It has superior tensile strength and flexibility performance. So 2PNCT cable 1C X 80 sq mm is very suitable for the equipment that needs to withstand twisting and bending. Therefore, you can apply the 2PNCT-F cable to the general-electric equipment and power tools. What’s more,  many people also use 3PNCT-H 3*22+3*8sq mm for agriculture and industrial workshop equipment, electrical tools.  Email:

Flat Flexible Rubber 2pnct-f Cable(YFFB,HT-PNCT) price

Voltage: 0.6/1kv

Conductor: Flexible Copper/Tinned Copper

Insulation: Rubber/EPR

Cores: 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Core

Standard: JIS C3327/IEC/VDE etc

colour: black or according to your requirement

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As one of famous 0.75mm 2PNCT cable suppliers with over 30 years of producing experience, Huadong provides large quantity welding rubber cable for the customers every year. Because of quality and reasonable price, the 2PNCT-F cable provided by Huadong has been recognized by the world. If you are looking for best 2PNCT-R cable price, Huadong will be your best choice. Please feel free to leave your message and tell us the 2PNCT-F cable sizes you need. Then we will send our competitive 2PNCT-F cable price lists to you as soon as possible. Email:

What is the 3PNCT-H cable sizes and structure?

The conductor of 3PNCT-H 3*22+3*8 cable is bare or tinned stranded copper. However, you can choose suitable 3PNCT-H cable conductor materials according to the actual requirements. In order to meet the different needs of our customers, Huadong Cable Group supplies many 2PNCT-H cable sizes. You know these 2PNCT cable prices are not the same because of the different sizes and conductor materials. In addition, if you want to know the 2PNCT-H-U 36C*3.5mm cable price, just leave your message.  Email:

get 3PNCT-H 3 core 22mm 38mm 60mm cable price from supplier Voltage: 600V, 3.3KV, 6.6KV

Cores Number:  3 core, 4 core

Conductor: Tinned annealed copper and stainless steel wires

Normal area: 14mm, 22mm, 30mm, 38mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm

Insulation:EPR(Ethylene Propylene Rubber)

Sheath: Chloroprene Rubber

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What’s more, the insulation material of 2PNCT cable is Ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR).  Besides, from the materials of 600V 2PNCT-H cable insulation and jacket, we can know the 2PNCT-H-U 36C*3.5mm cable is very flexible and has good abrasion resistant property. So it means you can even choose 3PNCT-H 3C*22+3C*8sq mm cable for complex industry environment. However, being one of the leading 2PNCT cable manufacturers, Huadong Cable Group uses superior copper and rubber materials to produce the popular wire. So, if your project also need 3PNCT-H cable, just contact us. We will give you best 3PNCT-H 3*22+3*8sq mm cable price.  Email:

3PNCT-H 3*22+3*8 SQ MM cable price list Voltage: 0.6/1KV

Conductor: Tinned annealed copper and stainless steel wires

Insulation:EPR(Ethylene Propylene Rubber)

Shielding: Tinned copper wire braided combined with cotton yarn

Sheath: Polychloroprene Rubber Compound

Operating temperature : -15°C ~+80°C

Colour: Blue, Green, White, Black, Red or according to your requirement.

Where to find reliable 2PNCT-F cable suppliers?

Huadong Cable Group is engaged in the manufacture, export and supply of a superior range of 2PNCT-F cable. In addition to PNCT cable, we also provide submersible pump cable and marine cable.  Besides, we produce the 2PNCT-F 4*3.5mm cable strictly in accordance with the national requirements. What’s more, there are advanced equipment and professional workers in our 0.75mm 2PNCT cable wire factory. So, if you are interested in the production process, welcome to visit our HT-PNCT-F 4*25+7*1.5sq mm factory. In addition, as one of the biggest 2PNCT-F cablesuppliers from China, Huadong Cable Group has a good reputation in the world. We export our 600V FC-PNCTR-R cable to many countries. So you can get 2PNCT-F 4*3.5mm cable Vietna price from our company. Send your inquiry by Email:


price for 7 core 12 core 2pnct cable 0.75mm 1.25mm 2mm 3.5mm

Besides, Huadong promise to delivery the 2PNCT 1C * 80sq mm cable on time. So, if you want to work with a reliable 2PNCT-B rubber cablecable manufacturer, Huadong will be the best choice. Please rest assured to send your 2PNCT cable inquiry, we promise to provide the best 600V 2FC-PNCT cable for you. In addition, from the 3PNCT-H 3*22+3*8 sq mm cable price list, you can find that huadong cable group has a great advantage. You know Huadong is a direct 2PNCT 12C* 0.75mm cable seller not just a dealer. That means there is no third party for extra fee. So, if choose Huadong, you can buy 0.75mm 2PNCT cable with factory price. In addition, when you need a lot, we can give you a discount 3 core 2PNCT-BS cable price.

Purchase different pnct cable with best price

In fact, our 2pnct wire type are also different. For example, you can purchase 2PNCT-F, 2PNCT-R,  2PNCT-B, 2PNCT-H, 3PNCT-T, 3PNCT-H and so on. What’s more, these 2PNCT cables cores are not the same. You can buy 1 core, 2 core, 3 core, 4 core, 5 core, 6 core, 7 core, 12 core and others. As a 3PNCT cable manufacturer, we supply 0.75mm, 1.25mm, 3.5mm, 8mm, 14mm, 22mm, 30mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm sizes for you. So, if you want to get best 2PNCT-F cable quotation, just contact us. What’s more, we can send 2PNCT-H-U 36C*3.5mm cable price for Yemen, South Africa, Nigeria, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and other countries . Email:

 cheap 5.5mm 8mm 14mm 22mm 38mm 60mm 2pnct cable manufacturer

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