Low Price 4 AWG Welding Cable for Sale

low price 4 awg welding cable for sale 4 gauge welding cable construction and features

Voltage: 600v

Conductor Material: stranded copper class 5

Jacket Material: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber (EPDM)

Min. Temperature Rating: -50°C

Max. Temperature Rating: 105°C

Colour: Black, Red, or according to your requirements

Property: Ozone, sunlight, weather, oil and chemical resistant

Huadong Cable Group is a professional welding cable manufacturer. There are all sizes of welding cable for sale. If you want to get best 4 awg welding cable price, just leave your message. Email: sales@hdrubbercable.com

High quality and cheap 4 awg welding cable for sale

4 awg welding cable is a wire that combines wear resistance and flexibility. It consists of fine copper or aluminum strands wrapped inside insulated jacket. According to your project requirement, you can select the suitable copper and aluminum welding cable. The stranded bundles provide 4 gauge welding cable with more flexibility than other types of electrical conductors. You know that is very important for some industry application that needs to bend and drag the wire. Generally speaking, we choose the EPDM or Neoprene rubber as 4 gauge welding wire’s jacket. That is very durable and it supplies additional protection against the harsh environment.  Email: sales@hdrubbercable.com

4 gauge welding cable size and structure

So you can use the 4 awg welding wire in automotive industry, shipbuilding, railway and construction industry. Because the 4 awg welding cable has certain weather resistance and oil resistance, you can also apply this kind of flexible rubber cable to steel plant, oil fields, coal mines and other industries. In order to meet the requirements, Huadong Cable Group provides a lot of #4 welding wire for our customers. In fact, we can sell 4 gauge welding cable to England, France, America, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Togo, Yemen, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar. If you are also interested in our low price 4 awg welding cable, you can leave your message. Then we will send the best 4 gauge welding cable quotation to you.

Choose a professional 4 gauge welding cable supplier

When you are going to buy 4 gauge welding cable, you need to find several suppliers. And then you can choose the 4 awg welding cable manufacturers who can provide high quality products. As one of professional 4 gauge welding cable suppliers, Huadong always places the #4 welding cable quality in the first place. In the process of production, it is very important to test the first products. Because the 4 gauge welding wire manufacturers can find the problems at the beginning. All of 1 awg, 2 awg, 4 awg and 1/0 welding cable are in line with international standards.In order to prevent batch disqualification, Huadong insists on checking the first 4 awg welding cable. If you want to know more about the process of producing 4 gauge welding wire, you can contact us. We will send you the video.

affordable #4 welding cable cost in Indonesia

What’s more, there are inspectors carries out a full inspection of the whole process of 4 awg welding cable producing. If there are some problems, they will find out the reason and propose solution. We believe that the inspection can guarantee the quality of 4 gauge welding wire. So, you can rest assured of the performance of our 4 gauge welding wire. Just feel free to tell us the quantity you need, we promise to provide the best 4 awg welding cable price to you. In addition, we also have cheap #1 welding cable for sale. If you are looking for high quality 4 awg welding cable, feel free to choose Huadong.  Because we sell 4 gauge welding cable directly, that is to say, you can get the 4 awg welding cable factory prices. Email: sales@hdrubbercable.com

How to protect your # 4 welding cable?

Everything has a life span, 4 gauge welding wire is no exception. However, if you take measures to protect your cable well , you can extended the service life of your 4 gauge welding cable. For example, if you want your 35mm welding cable work normally, you need to protect it. After you buy 4 gauge welding cable, you should pay attention to the maintenance of every part of # 4 welding cable’s transportation, storage, installation and so on. This can avoid damage to 4 gauge welding wire before use. What’s more, in the normal using, regular test for # 4 welding cable is very important. Good care and maintenance can help your 4 awg welding wire to last longer and work better. If you want to know more about 4 gauge welding cable size and price information, just leave your message.Email: sales@hdrubbercable.com

purchase discount 4 awg welding cable from best manufacturer

In addition, our # 4 awg welding cable is very famous in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and other countries. So if you want to get 4 gauge welding cable cost to Indonesia or Philippines, just contact us. Email: sales@hdrubbercable.com

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