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Huadong is a professional cable and wire manufacturer. We can supply different size welding cable for customers. If you are interested in our 35mm welding cable price, just contact us. What’s more, you can also leave the welding cable size and quantity you need. Then our manager will send flexible welding cable price list to you as soon as possible. Email:

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Generally speaking, 35mm2 welding cable is a kind of durable and flexible wire. So it is very popular in many projects. As a matter of fact, 35mm2 flexible welding cable is made from stranded bundles of copper or aluminum wire. So you can buy flexible copper and aluminum welding cable according to your project. In addition, stranded 35 sq mm welding cable have a larger surface area than solid core wire. So rubber welding cable 35mm has greater conductivity. What’s more, our single core 35mm flexible copper welding cable in black or orange color is very famous all over the world. What’s more, you can compare 35mm welding cable price in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and South Africa. Then you will get best 300AMP flexible welding cable 35mm2 price.

300AMP flexible 35sq mm welding cable price in Vietnam Conductor: Bare Copper Wire or Tinner Copper wire

Insulation: PVC/Natural Rubber/EPR

Section Area: 70mm2

Min. Temperature Rating: -50°C

Max. Temperature Rating: 105°C

Colour: Black, Red, Orange or according to your requirements

Property: Ozone, sunlight, weather, oil and chemical resistant

In addition, we also have 70mm welding cable for sale. So if you want to buy 400AMP flexible welding cable 70mm2, please leave your message. We are a reliable 35sq mm welding cable supplier, and can provide the best 35mm welding cable price for you.

How to produce 450/750v welding cable 35mm2?

As a professional welding cable 35mm2 manufacturer, we always try our best to provide superior products. Huadong Cable Group produces the 300AMP welding cable 35mm single core in strict accordance with international standards. So our rubber insulated cable has superior quality. However, if you want to get the best welding cable 35mm price, just leave your message. As you can see, in Huadong 35mm welding cable factory, there is advanced equipment. What’s more, we choose qualified copper and aluminum material to produce 35mm2 and 16mm2 flexible welding cable. You know that we are the direct 35 sq mm welding cable supplier. Therefore, we can give you the factory 35mm welding cable price. So we believe our 35mm welding cable price and quality will not let you down. Email:

300AMP flexible 35sq mm welding cable price per meter

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Over the past years, we have exported our 35 sq mm welding cable to many countries. Such as: Russian, America, Yemen, Malaysia, Philippines, England, Singapore, Yemen, South Africa and so on. So you can find that the 35 sq mm dc cable price in Thailand is different from cabtyre cable price in Malaysia. What’s more, if you choose a reliable  rubber sheath flexible 35sq mm welding cable manufacturer, you can save cost. In addition, When your order quantity is large, we can give discount welding cable 35mm2 price. So,  please don’t hesitate to send your inquiry and get how much is 35 sq mm welding cable per meter.

16mm 35mm 70mm welding cable manufacturer

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